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  Spring is colorful, beautiful, more beautiful home in the spring.

  Campus, fresh air, sweet-scented osmanthus tree covered with green leaves, a green; Jiduo bright red flowers shy explore out from the land; straight cedar stands in the campus, very dense foliage, hidden in dark green light Green, also accompanied by a little silver.

  Next to the embankment, willow branches long whisk in the water, like a girl combing her long hair. Rapid river flows down, the fish out of the water from time to time.

  Park, people leisurely walking on the gravel road. Roadside lush grass like a picture of shaggy carpet. Although there is no flower embellishment, but still so beautiful. Look! Hu those bud bud, ulterior motives stand in the soil.

  Countryside, fields, grow only a short period of bud; next field full of weeds. On the other side, a clump of golden canola flower here, where a cluster. Foxtail see partners have not yet regained consciousness, bent kept sighing.

  Tree lined hill, azalea flowers open. From a distance, only dense trees; from closer look, it is also more than tall trees, there is grass, herbs, and in the mountains frequented by small animals; the birds are singing out of the competition.

  Spring walk down the street from the village, wake up all the earth. Rain with happy mood nourishing beautiful spring.

  Spring is colorful武汉小儿癫痫病医院, beautiful, more beautiful home in the spring.









  I love you in the spring, cold winter passed, spring came and quietly without interest. Grass sprouted, if you want to grow up overnight. Flower beds, flowers are contests, and fear behind the others. On jasmine, slender branches before opening the golden flower. Backwards look like a small horn, like a string of beautiful necklace. Those are several strains of crimson flowers bloom, you see those flowers bloom, came earlier than leafless, cluster of a cluster to open full branches.

  Buttonwood flag Taiwan next body swinging wildly, as if dancing. At this time, waves of spring softly. Warm blowing in his face, giving a warm feeling.

  Campus out of willow shoots, spring breeze blowing, willow branches with long stretch, like a beautiful girl combing her hair.

  A lovely only swallow also came from the south, and stopped at the school wires, like a beautiful note.

  School,武汉癫痫医院哪家好,治疗方法揭秘 we begin a new year of sitting in a classroom learning, reading aloud from time to time issue, but when homework quietly, sunny spring breeze blowing the campus, blown into the classroom, playing in our faces make us more refreshed.

  As the saying goes: spring season that year, the quarter day is morning. We should cherish this wonderful time, learn in the future to contribute to the motherland.

  Spring is a riot of color. The season of rebirth, the beginning of the year. what! I love you, spring.








  Spring is like a what? The spring maybe like a gentle gentleman; Maybe like a girl of wen wan... But in the spring in my heart, has always been a very volatile children, has never be filled eyes, and a heart to never fill. Walk the world with a quarter of the year time, and don't feel tired. Like play downstairs every day home until the night is strong, and tireless child.

  Downstairs there is a little girl, like spring breeze, is no武汉看癫痫病正规医院是哪家t remarkable, never quarrel with others or be moody, just like the hot spring breeze. The earliest bring us the fresh spring, blow away a few silk winter chills. Not very warm, very touching, just light hovering in my ears, gently in a gasp. The first of the earth - spring is here.

  Downstairs there is a very pushy boy, always want to be a HaiZiTou, a group of children all around him, often organization everyone to run and hide and seek, and so on, like tender green shoots. Led the initial spring, inadvertently become numerous branches green, countless between unknowingly went up the grass green grass, then there will be a spring of all things. Quite frankly she told everybody - spring is here.

  Downstairs has a very little girl that grabs an eye, has always been her mother who were the peacocks, always particularly eye-catching in the crowd,

  The pink skirt to float up, just like the bright spring flowers. All kinds of flowers in the branches to outshine each other, in a piece of green, there are particularly striking. Some gorgeous fragrance, make a person fondle admiringly. Some plain jing ya, make the person the sidelines. For some busy hit people only saw the beautiful flowers, just found out that, spring is coming.

  Downstairs, and there was a naughty boy, he often do some tricks to entertain the people, so some people hate him, someone like him, just like the spring rain. Spring rain is really touching and hazy, feel no rain, sometimes can go 湖北去哪看癫痫out, come back will find clothes were wet, yes like playing with you. His tricks like water don't pass any gap, don't give up the stick on the umbrella, and take out of frame drop into the neck, cold shivers. But at the same time, it is because of him, just have the germinal all things, just had flowers bloom, which is the spring.

  Finally, the children all go home to bed. In fact, they are also a member of a spring is a vibrant generation of the motherland, they meet the spring breeze, stepping spring grass, smelling the spring, spring rain to grow. So, we ushered in another spring of the motherland.








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